Playing Cards

Use Piatnik products as your business card.

Playing cards have a long tradition in Austria that goes far beyond the ubiquitous café groups and playing associations.

Piatnik playing cards stand for quality and longevity. The characteristic images are known to everyone and not only suggest familiarity but also offer a high degree of recognisability. 

A good deck of cards is always used again and sticks around for a long time. It is not for nothing that people say: Piatnik bestows good fortune.

Dazzle your customers and partners with creative promotional playing cards that allow your organisation to make a mark. There are numerous degrees of customisation available for faces, back designs and tuck box.

Apply your company logo or an image of your choice as the card back design.

Within the assortment you may choose between standard and luxury cards as well as special editions. Our various packaging possibilities allow your promotional game to be presented in a suitable context.

Where is which game played? Our qualified staff are at your disposal to assist in developing the perfect promotional item for you. Their experience and competence will guide you through playing preferences in different regions. 

Communicate with families and children via popular classics such as “Happy Families” or “Odd One Out”. These do not only offer an excellent possibility to present your product range but are also an ideal medium to transport information and messages in a sympathetic and playful way.


Bildunterschrift In our range you may find the suitable card faces for your target audience and style of play – or design the card faces in accordance with your ideas.

You may customise the cards in accordance with your wishes. We will be happy to produce upwards of 1000 units.

Product details and specifications can be found in our catalogue. 


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