Board Games

Games are a varied, individual and versatile way of transporting your promotional message.

They offer plenty of possibilities to convert your advertising aims into reality due to the wide range of products which offer generous scope to communicate with your target audience making this medium distinct from all other advertising media.

Our spectrum ranges from branding following your individual guidelines to complex board games in accordance with your visions.

Individual Game

You already have a concrete game idea and design but need somebody to realise the project and get it over the line? We are delighted to assist with the realisation of a customised game designed by you

A team of competent staff will assist you during the manufacturing stage and support you with their long time experience and creative ideas.

Your game idea and finished product manufactured by us.

Standard games

Are you looking for a special gift or a high value promotional item that reflects your company philosophy? Use our coveted board games for your marketing ends: Unchanged from the original apart from inclusion of your company logo or any other tweaks you may desire

This means a ready developed game individualised with your company logo and message.

Integrate your logo into the layout and extend the contents, or personalise the rules for your target audience – fun and easy to understand, or create new “special rules” relevant to your industry.  

A classic game with your individual logo.

Choose from our wide assortment 


Pocket Series

Board game fun for the road

The pocket editions of our top sellers in a convenient format of 55 cards.  The compact packaging of our top selling items direct attention towards your marketing message. The Pocket Series is an all round winner due to its handy size, quality content and affordable price thus fulfilling all the criteria of an ideal goodie.  

The pocket editions of Kiddy Poker, Schnipp Schnapp, Sudoku, Activity, Quiz, Mio! and many other titles are coveted give-aways.

Classic games in a pocket format are popular with everyone.  

They are a charming gift that not only offer fun but also leave plenty of options for personal adaptation. By customising the faces and the back- designs your company remains in focus and present throughout play.  

However, don’t just adapt the packaging; why not change the content as well? Extend the game to encompass your own industry jargon and add exciting quiz questions centred on your products.

Large advertising gains with little effort.  

Do you wish to realise your own game? Do you want a customised edition of one of our games? We are able to produce upwards of 1000 units. Technical details and requirements can be found in our catalogue.


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