Pass the Bomb Chain Reaction

This explosive word game lets the bomb go off. Thanks to the chain reaction, defusing is not in sight.


TomatO - OxforD- DatE ... As soon as the bomb starts ticking, the chain reaction is triggered!

Words chain up to a big bang!

“Pass the Bomb - Chain Reaction” is a very special challenge for your mind. The ticking bomb of course plays the main role and sets the pace! As soon as the timer has started, the first player must name a word with the given initial letter for one of the category cards on display.

The players have to find things to put on a pizze (e.g. t - Tomato). The others must continue the chain of words - the final letter is the new first letter and in a new category, like movie (o - Ocean's 11), and so on.

Sounds easy - but the timer continues ticking relentlessly and suddenly the bomb makes a boom! So quickly pass the bomb!

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