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Pass the Bomb Original

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An explosive game

This mind blowing game is a top hit for all who love quick and creative thinking

Pass the Bomb Family


For the entire family!

The fun word game for quick thinkers, where nimble fingers are an advantage.

Pass the Bomb Party

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Fun for everyone

4 additional fun new categories

Pass the Bomb Travel

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Makes travelling fun

The travel version of the classic word game

Pass the Bomb Card Game

ptb card st.jpg

The explosive card game

Think quickly and find the right word!

Pass the Bomb Junior

ptbj st.jpg

Quick and fun

Junior version of the classic word game

Time Flies

7524_Time Flies_Cover.jpg

you´ve only got the clock to beat!

If you´re quick on the draw, have a way with words and can impersonate a Peking duck – then you'll win!