Hunt for buried treasure! Atlantica, the mythical island kingdom, has been rediscovered under water.

Who will manage to stow the most valuable treasures and acquire the most knowledge?

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Hunt for treasure in the sunken world of Atlantica.

Players lead research teams, enlist divers and charter ships to discover the secrets of the legendary sunken city.

Teams need to recover and collect as much treasure as possible. Players gain points for treasure secured to cargo ships.


Teams of divers must recover the sunken treasures.

By leading research teams, players will uncover the secrets of Plato’s legendary sunken world. Players must enlist divers and hire ships to collect and stow treasure.

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Each researcher can perform up to three actions during their turn: recover treasure, add team members or select a new card.

There are four locations on the game board where the treasure hunters can perform their actions: the harbour, the diving boat, the pub and the central research station. Colours indicate how strong a diving team must be in order to successfully complete an action in a particular location.

Five different types of cards lead the treasure hunters through the game. To begin, each player’s team consists of five diver cards. Additional divers will need to be recruited at the pub as the game progresses.

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The research teams tally the results at the end of the treasure hunt. The player with the most valuable stash of treasure wins.

Researchers gain points for treasure secured to their boats. A hurricane’s approach threatens to bring the hunt to an end. Who will recover the most treasure before it arrives?

2 - 5